BDAD Mural Project

Berwyn Arts & Music is happy to be a part of The BDAD (Berwyn Depot Arts District) Mural Project & Arts Initiative. The BDAD Mural Project’s key focus is the betterment of The Berwyn Depot District through the installation of public murals and art throughout the commercial corridor. The project aims to incorporate art heavily from local Berwyn artists; as well as regional, national and international muralists. The mission is to support the local artist community, increase activity and visibility, beautify the corridor and redefine the area as a welcoming home to the arts.

Currently the BDAD Mural Project group consists of a dedicated core group devoted to the arts and the Berwyn community. The key members are: Norman Alexandroff (driving force behind Columbia College Chicago’s Wabash Arts Corridor, Berwyn Resident), Melissa Kowalski (Owner of Dwellings Real Estate, BDC board member, Active Depot District Business), Jen Mitchell (Owner of Solace Divorce Mediation, D100 School board, Berwyn Resident), and Aaron Mitchell (Owner of The Outta Space, Founder of BAM, Berwyn Resident).


To learn more about Norman and The Wabash Arts Corridor CLICK HERE: WABASH ARTS CORRIDOR

The goal is to start murals for The BDAD Mural Project by May 2018.