Berwyn Arts & Music (BAM) is a 501(c)3 located in Berwyn, IL. The BAM mission is to support local artists, stimulate community arts initiatives and provide dynamic and meaningful Arts programming to Berwyn youth. 

Berwyn Arts & Music achieves this mission by:

  • Creating opportunities for local artists to be actively involved in the Berwyn area through public art projects, exhibition, performances and community initiatives.
  • Initiating  dynamic youth arts programming through the facilitation of arts classes/workshops/camps/festivals etc. for youth in grades 1-12 in the areas of Visual Art, Acting, Music, Dance etc.
  • Developing opportunities for local artists to work as instructors and facilitators to provide meaningful arts programming, community art projects and opportunities for Berwyn youth.
  • Establishing meaningful partnerships with local organizations, businesses, The City of Berwyn.


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